dijous, 8 de gener de 2015

On Elvis Presley's Birthday

I can't say that I love this place where I live
This particular geographic location
But I have grown used to it
And now I miss it when I'm away
Of course, when I was a child,
My father would take me with him
Down to the Bowery where the bums were
And in the restaurant supply stores
He would buy shiny steel refrigerators
And deadly looking stoves
While I begged him to take me
To the Navy Surpius stores on Canal Street
To buy big dead bullets
He wore a short corduroy jacket
An informal hat with a puff of feather
And talked with his hands in his pockets
Jangling change
We were driving in his Cadillac
It was Elvis Presley's Birthay
They said it on the radio
My father liked Elvis
And it was wonderful
We drove through the black neighborhoods
On Long Island's north shore
When Elvis was alive
My father was from Brooklyn
And the Depression left its mark
From picking up coal on the railroad tracks and still
He didn´t have a good word to say about
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Later, I liked elegant hotel bars
Where I could drind under F. Scott Fitzgerald skies
The coolest of the cool
I was never a child
On Elvis Presley´s birthay
With my dead father
Jangling change
This is an unreal city
You can be anybody you wanna be
When you're alone

(Elliott Murphy - "On Elvis Presley's Birthday")

La cançó no tracta sobre Elvis Presley, però m'ha semblat molt apropiada per a un dia com avui. L'aniversari del Rei. 80 anys faria, d'estar viu.

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